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Is there something or someone in your life you are personally struggling with? Let me help.


I have over 25 years of experience and training in treatment of anxiety, depression, grief & loss, and more...

counselling victoria bc
counselling victoria bc
addiction counselling victoria bc




With over 25 years experience, I bring a broad range of skills

to my counselling practice in Victoria, BC.


My specialized training includes certification in Family Therapy, Gottman Couples Therapy, Trauma & Attachment, Sexual Abuse intervention, Critical Incident response, Group Therapy, and Dreamwork. I have also completed training in addictions counselling, traditional knowledge & teachings, non dual psychology, mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapies, adolescent therapy, feminist counselling, violence prevention, relationship violence, leadership, play therapy, energy healing, Jin Shin Do, and Reiki.


My approach has been greatly influenced by the Indigenous communities I've worked with.

I am honoured to have been adopted and given a Haida name that translates into "Wife of Raven". These experiences have left me very enriched and grateful.


I have also recieved national and provincial awards for my grassroots work in creating safer communities and helping people move towards healthier choices in their lives.


















About Jude Kerr, Master level Dream Teacher ( Moss School)


Jude is known as a skilled therapist and a certified dream teacher and she makes every event rich with meaning and fun! You’ll learn how to travel, wide awake and while dreaming, to cities of the imagination, and other places of instruction, adventure and healing in non-ordinary reality, and how to read the signs of everyday life as a set of dream symbols.




“I attended one of Jude’s Dream Salons and I found my curiosity growing throughout the playful and provocative activities Jude skillfully facilitated. She has a gentle wise way of drawing everyone into the process that creates such a sense of safety promoting willingness to step into the unfamiliar and see where it will take one. I can’t wait to have another opportunity to work (play) with this wonderful wise Master Dream Teacher.”

“I loved the active , creative way of playing out dreams and visions. I felt safe and there was an unconditional acceptance of my deep dreaming wisdom.” (Anonymous)

"I love listening to a very wise and skillful Judith. Judith's lovely energy radiated around the room embracing the amazing dreaming." ( simone)

"The grounding and connecting with my tree and my animal spirit supported me to be authentic in my responding." ( Anonymous)

Counsellor in Victoria, BC

Judith Kerr, M.Ed.

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