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Adventures in Dreamscapes Presents


With Jude Kerr, M.Ed, RCC, Imagineer & Dream Teacher

Join me for a full day of Active Dreaming adventure!

May 06, 2023,  Victoria, BC

May 06/2023- in person dream workshop- Intro to Active Dreaming.Register Soon!


June 03/2023- in person Dream workshop

Becoming an Imagineer!


Come learn the process of Active Dreaming and awaken more creative flow into your life.

Join us for this wonderful wk-end  rich with adventure, learning and healing. Active Dreaming is a process that offers a synthesis of contemporary dreamwork and ancient shamanic methods of journeying.


Jude Kerr is a skilled therapist and. dream teacher and makes every event rich with meaning and fun! You’ll learn how to travel, wide awake and while dreaming, to places of the imagination, and receive instruction, adventure and healing in non-ordinary reality.

Cost: $220.

Contact me for more details.

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