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Cedargateway Active Dreaming with Jude Kerr, M.Ed,RCC


As a certified Dream Teacher through the Robert Moss School of dreams Jude Kerr offers skill, experience and guidance to assist you in bridging your dreams and your life into creative flow!


Active Dreaming offers a synthesis of contemporary dreamwork and ancient shamanic methods of journeying. As a therapist and dream teacher, Jude strives to make every event rich with meaning and fun! You’ll learn how to travel, wide awake and while dreaming, to imaginal places of adventure, healing and discovery, and become more adept at reading the signs of everyday life as important dream symbols too!


Dream Salons:

In her popular Dream Salons, Jude lead dreamers in synchronicity games and dream explorations. She teaches the Lightning dream process and hopes to instil a resurgence in the sharing and support of dreams in society. Participants are encouraged to consider their waking and sleeping life as all rich with material they can create from in their lives. In the Active Dreaming process, if nothing comes, Jude says: “make something up" and tell us a good story! It all works.


Dream Events:- See Events Tab for upcoming 2023 events


Watch for Upcoming Playshops! They are a wonderful opportunity to delve into the practices and awaken to creative flow in your life. Be prepared to have some deep learning while immersed in the spirit of play! Book one for your community!

Join an Active Dreaming Circle, once a month for 2.5 hrs. available online or in Victoria


Community Visioning and Dreaming: Dreaming into the Fire


With an extensive background working within communities, and skill in facilitation, Jude is known to bring a well grounded insight to helping agencies and communities with creative change.


Book a session for your community group and be part of the vital rebirth of conscious dreaming in your community.

Contact info: 250-208-1187

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